ARC Manpower has been related with numerous power ventures for Design to Construction Supervision to Pre charging to O&M. We have been related with Thermal, Coal base, gas base power activities of differed limit. Designers are had some expertise in Cooling towers, Turbine, Boilers, OSBL and ISBL types of gear, Utilities Electrical frameworks, and so forth. We have been related alongside Siemens for Torrent control venture at SUGEN and DGEN. We were additionally instrumental in get specific Expatriate engineers from Malaysia.

Our customer list incorporates organizations like L&T, Siemens, GVK, Coastal Gujarat, Reliance Power, Dalmia, GMR Energy, Raj West Power among others.

We can send builds in following fields:

Designers / Design Engineers

Construction Supervision

Quality Engineers

HSE Engineers

Expeditors / Buyers

Planning Engineer

Stores Executive

Shift Charge Engineer

Field Engineer

Technicians / Operators

Panel / DCS Operators